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Today’s interview is with Alex Gillis about his book, “A killing art: The untold history of Taekwondo”

Firstly we chat about what motivated Alex to undergo such a comprehensive study into the unknown history of Taekwondo?

Within the book Alex talks about the KCIA quite a lot I ask him was he worried about the consequences exposing such secrets could cause? ……and did any harm come to him?

We both chat about doing a follow-up book? After all, he must know enough new secrets to compel him to write part 2……

I always wondered and was happy to ask Alex if he knew back in the day when he started Taekwondo what he knows about Taekwondo from his investigations does he think he would still have chosen Taekwondo to practice and develop himself with or has it all spoilt the respect he had for the art/organisation?

People can get in touch with Alex on the links listed below, I also asked Alex can people still buy the book and if so where is the book available to buy? See below for the answer.

This last question I asked Alex what is it that makes Taekwondo different to other martial arts and lastly what does it take to be a black belt- I’m interested to hear what the listeners think of his answer please comment on facebook your thoughts.