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Master Rondy is the owner of White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts – known as the world’s largest superschool located in Cary, NC, USA. The 24,000 sq. ft. school just celebrated its 22nd anniversary and enrolled its 12 thousandth student. Master Rondy lived in Korea from ‘94-’96 as a member of the Korean Tigers Professional Demonstration Team. Today she is the Program Director and instructs at White Tiger, is a columnist for Taekwondo Times Magazine, serves on the Kukkiwon Advisory Board and the US Taekwondo Committee. Master Rondy also travels the world to share her marketing and PR background to help other school owners “achieve their dream”.

So today’s interview with Master Rondy McKee we will be discussing the Business side of running a martial art school and a few other questions on Taekwondo.

I first met Master Rondy with my instructor Master Andrew Brown from Glasgow, he had met Master Rondy over in Korea and was invited to come over to White Tiger Tkd Headquarters in Cary, North Carolina maybe 1997/8. We chat about how amazing White Tiger is and how her profile has grown since those days. We hear about her background and how she came to get where she is today.

Master Rondy is running business seminars all over the world, with her most recent in Spain. I ask Master Rondy if she could tell us about the kinda things she teaches at these seminars.

Next, I ask Master Rondy what would she say is the biggest problems facing independent martial arts schools and also what kind of things keep coming up in her seminars from other school owners……… is this why she has set up the White Tiger Global Alliance? I ask her to tell us a little more about this alliance and how can people get involved.

Two of GB’s National coaches, (Paul Green & Gareth Brown) have both picked up coaching director jobs within the US taekwondo coaching team – I ask Master Rondy if she has much experience of The National team set up? And if she has any advice or warnings for them. Next, I ask if Master Rondy would you like to get more involved within the World Taekwondo set up, if so what would she like to do and see happen.

The Kukkiwon is still responsible for Taekwondo black belt certification and Master training, I ask Master Rondy if she thinks there’s something more the Kukkiwon could do to promote and spread the knowledge some of these high ranking masters have?

I’ve seen on a few occasions Master Rondy also practices Wing Chun with Samuel Kwok we chat about cross training – one last question from me- the usual one… what is it that makes Taekwondo different to other martial arts and how would she describe what it takes to be a black belt.

And finally we ask her how can people get in touch with her and we’ve shared her answers below;

Master Rondy

White Tiger TKD

White Tiger Global Alliance